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I just received a copywrite infringement letter from Netcrawler what should I do?

Under Canadian law, when we receive a notice from a copyright holder claiming that copyright infringement activities are associated with your IP address, we are obligated to forward that notice to you immediately. 

Important note

We prioritize your privacy and do not keep records of your online activity. The notice you received does not require a response, and we will not disclose your identity to the sender unless compelled to do so by law through a warrant or court order.  

While we do track the IP address we assigned to you, it's important to note that IP addresses are assigned dynamically, meaning someone else may have committed the alleged infringement mentioned in the notice. In this case, the allegations would not apply to you. Also, according to the Government of Canada, this type of notice does not impose any obligations on you, including any legal obligation to pay any settlement requested by the copyright owner.  

We cannot confirm the validity of any settlement payment requested in the notice, and such demands do not comply with the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canadaโ€™s (ISED) regulation.

If you choose to contact the sender, please be aware that you will no longer be anonymous to them. At present, the sender does not have your identity, which is why we are obligated to forward this notice to you.