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What is your contact number?

We're 100% online based. The average wait time to chat with our support agents is less than five minutes. We understand the inconvenience of waiting on hold for customer service. You can get in touch with us through various channels like WhatsApp, SMS (289-301-8086), Web-Chat, by sending an email to support@netcrawler.ca or by video chat. Requesting a video chat is simple. Just send us a messaging, and we'll send you the link to join us on video. 

What happens when I have issues with the Internet and I need to speak to someone on the phone?

If there are any interruptions to the internet, usually there are two possibilities - either there is a service outage, in which case we will notify you of the estimated time for restoration, or your connection has been physically cut due to construction or an accident, and we will send a Rogers technician to your home to resolve the issue. 

What happens if I need technical support for something other than a service interruption? 

Our goal is to deliver swift customer assistance via our chat and video chat agents, who are readily available within a few minutes of reaching out to us. Our video-based support is proven to be more efficient in resolving technical issues compared to phone-based support.