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Why should I choose you over Rogers or Bell?

While we don't want to brag, we take pride in the exceptional reviews we've received on Google, Reddit, and various other online platforms. Our customers consistently report a high level of satisfaction with our services, resulting in customer retention rates that surpass those of the average telecom industry. 

There are three reasons why you may consider supporting Netcrawler, an independent internet provider over a larger telecommunications company.

  1. At our company, we prioritize delivering personalized customer service that goes beyond the typical approach of larger telecoms. We value empathy, respect, and care for each customer, and strive to provide a more individualized experience. 
  2. We offer very affordable pricing options for our internet services, as we have lower overhead costs compared to larger telecoms. This can translate to savings for you as a customer. 
  3. When you select our services, you are backing a Canadian-owned business and contributing to our economy. As part of our commitment to supporting Canada, we exclusively hire employees within the country.